My work frequently describe humans and animals struggling to both understand the world around them, and interact with each other. The narratives of conflict between humans and nature are explored and disrupted, leavened by flashes of humor.

I strike a balance between simplified and complex realism, finding a middle ground between observation and imagination. My fascination with anatomy and the makeup of natural structures always informs my work. Exploring specific topics and concepts has always been a high priority in my work, and a great deal of my inspiration comes from the natural sciences.

Whenever I can, I strive to supplement my investigation of different topics with practical research, because I value direct experience and being able to form my own observations and impressions.

I work digitally and traditionally, combining old school design aesthetics with new tools. Ink, paint, and graphite are my mediums of choice. I enjoy learning new methods and ways of making, which in turn influence my process. Using color to bring out the specific tones and emotions that I wish to evoke in my pieces is of particular interest to me, and am strongly influenced both by the foggy grays of the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest Coast, and my longing for a world in richer color.

After growing up in the misty darkness of Washington State, I ventured south to search for the sun. I am currently living in an apartment full of potted plants and bones in Portland, Oregon, and recently completed my BFA in Illustration at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.